Increase Your Productivity Through Better Planning

Planning not only gives you more control over your day, it also helps you manage unexpected events and tasks better.

Take a look at your calendar. If you’re like most agents, you take it day by day. Or, perhaps you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of agent who doesn’t plan your day. However, when emergencies spring up or conflicting events or activities occur, how do you manage it?

Planning takes the headache out of the unexpected because you’re accounting for what you can control. This gives you more overall control of your day and helps you to deal with the unexpected with aplomb.

1. Plan your month
When planning your schedule, start with the big picture. What are the events or activities that have priority this month? Schedule in everything that is a priority for the month, including:

• Vacation time or long weekends with your family or spouse
• Your children’s activities, such as school plays, games, etc.
• Business events or meetings
• Classes or workshops that you’ve registered for
• Meetings for volunteer or community organizations near and dear to your heart
• Client parties, informational workshops you’re hosting for your database or other lead generating events that are essential for meeting your goals.

2. Schedule your week
Once you’ve filled in your must-do events for the month, turn your attention to the week. Input your non-negotiables, like your spin class, morning run or a lunch date with your spouse. Then. time-block your week into 90-minute blocks each day, and be sure to build in wiggle room. While in an ideal world, you could focus your time as you wish within these 90-minute blocks, in reality, unexpected activities and challenges pop up. Time blocking your schedule gives you the reassurance that you’ll have time to focus on what truly drives your business, not just on the latest emergency.

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3. Prioritize your day
When you plan your day you accomplish your priorities first. Your priorities are the activities pass the following list of questions:

• What is the return on investment?
• Does it serve your clients?
• Is it conducive to planning?

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