Improve Your Skills in 2016!


Improve your skills this year from anywhere.

Improve your skills this year from anywhere.


Want to keep your skills sharp so you can offer your clients the highest level of service? Never stop learning and growing! Learning doesn’t stop when you receive your real estate license. Although you’ll learn a lot through experience as you close deals and work with more and more buyers and sellers, the best way to keep your skills fresh is to seek out opportunities for professional growth and development. This year, we’re excited to offer three opportunities to enhance your knowledge, sharpen your skills and get inspired to take your business to the next level.

The MarTech Trends™ Conference, which launched in January, is a one-day conference intended to give real estate professionals the strategies they need to communicate with clients in the ever-evolving digital age. We live in a tech-driven world—most buyers and sellers are consulting the Internet as the first step in the real estate process. What’s a pro to do to serve their clients better today? What technologies pay off and which ones should you give a swerve? How can you be more productive? The MarTech Trends Conference answers all of these questions and more. Click here to see when it’s coming to a city near you and to reserve your spot.

Brian Buffini’s Success Tour is heading into its third year of helping real estate professionals and business leaders transform their businesses and achieve success. This year, we’re delving into the topic of bridging the gap between technology and relationships. Relationships matter, perhaps even more now that we rely so much on technology in our daily life. It’s reassuring for your clients to know that they have a trusted advocate on their side as they go through the home buying and selling process. The Success Tour is stopping in five cities across the United States and Canada in 2016—click here to learn more and to register to view the event online or in-person.

Podcasts are great way to learn on-the-go. Simply download the audio and listen while you’re running, driving or waiting in line. This year, we’re launching a brand-new podcast, coming in March.
• The Brian Buffini Show is sure to offer the motivation and inspiration you need to achieve success, but also live the life of your dreams.

Never-ending professional and personal improvement is vital to your success in business and life. Take things to the next level and plan to attend the Success Tour and the MarTech Trends Conference and listen to the podcasts.

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