Improve the Real Estate Experience of Your Buyers and Sellers

Realtor with sale sign

For many buyers and sellers, the real estate experience can be confusing and frustrating. Since most will only go through the experience a handful of time in their lives, they may not remember the details of the process. Combine their inexperience with the ever-changing nature of the real estate process and it’s no wonder many of them aren’t sure what to expect. Although many websites and online services promise to take the sting out of the process for consumers, nothing can replace the personal service and expertise of working with a knowledgeable real estate professional. Here’s how to put your clients at ease and provide great service.

Educate your clients about the process. The real estate market is always changing. Although clients may have access to more information now than in the past, they may not know how to interpret it. Help them understand what they’ve read and heard about the market and explain the process to them. They’ll appreciate you’ve taken the time to do so.

Answer their questions. Your clients, especially first-time buyers and sellers, may have a lot of questions about the process, so be sure to take time to answer them. If your clients don’t ask questions, it may be because they’re not sure what to ask. Go over the most common questions you receive from your clients and explain the process. This may prompt them to ask more questions and will surely help them feel comfortable asking questions in the future.

Adjust expectations. As humans, we naturally fear the unknown. When we’re not familiar with a process, it’s normal to have unrealistic expectations. Clients may also have unrealistic expectations about the process if they watch television shows that make it appear as though a person can find, buy and move into a home within a short time frame. Keep them in the loop about the process, explain to them what’s normal and help them understand any challenges that may arise. This will help them regulate their expectations and mitigate any fears and concerns they may have.

You’re clients aren’t real estate experts—that’s where you come in. Use Referral Maker® CRM to help you keep your clients up-to-date on the process and stay in touch after the transaction has closed. Visit for more information.

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