How to Write a Great Listing Description

A well-written listing description will pique the interest of great buyers.

A well-written listing description will pique the interest of great buyers.

Most buyers start their search for a home online, looking at photos of homes on the market in their areas or in the areas they wish to move. Although a picture paints a thousand words, it’s still important to write a great description of the property you’re selling. The words you choose to describe the home can enhance the images you post with it, and pique the interest of any buyers who happen to click on the listing for more information. Here’s how to write a great listing description:

Set the scene. A well-written description can help buyers imagine themselves living there, and prompt them to give you a call for more information.

Use strong adjectives. A few go-to words include ‘spacious’, ‘stunning’, ‘open’, and ‘inviting.’ Use these words if they apply or add a few more positive words to the list. Not only will it help drive interest in the house, it may also increase the sale price.*

Mention the unique features. Does the property have custom cabinets or floor to ceiling windows that offer views of the mountains/river/ocean/city? Does its architecture reflect the history of the time period in which it was built? Mention some of the great features of the property that buyers won’t find in other homes. Listing just one characteristic can help increase the chances of the home selling by an average of 9.2%.*

Leave something to the imagination. Remember, you want to describe the property enough to prompt buyers to call, so only mention a few compelling features. Let the buyers discover the rest if they decide to arrange a showing.

Keep it short. Try to keep your description to 100 words or so—enough to grab their attention and pique their interest. Any longer and they may click past the listing.

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*Source: Wall Street Journal

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