How to Use Your Network to Help Your Buyers Move

A professional painter can help your buyers save time when they move in.

A professional painter can help your buyers save time when they move in.

Many agents lose touch with their buyers once the transaction is closed. In fact, many homeowners complain that their agent never kept in touch with them once they bought their home. The period after the closing provides a great opportunity to continue to serve your clients. Go the extra mile and connect them with a few local professionals from your network who can help them get ready to move into their new home.

1. A locksmith. Changing the locks is strongly recommended when a buyer purchases a home. After all, who knows how many people in the area have keys. Although buyers who are handy with a screwdriver may be able to rekey their locks themselves, offer to connect them with a reputable locksmith in your network to help them save time.

2. A cleaner. When people move out of rental properties, they’re often required to clean the home before they move out. However, sellers aren’t obligated to clean the home before they vacate it, leaving the buyers with a large amount of dusting, sweeping and scrubbing. Help them save time by connecting them with a cleaning service that you trust to help them get the home sparkling before they move in.

3. A painter. One of the first things most buyers do when they purchase a home is freshen the walls with a coat of paint. However, they may need to fill in any holes and cracks before they start to paint. Additionally, if the home has high ceilings or other special features, painting may be a time-consuming process. Connect them with a painting professional in your network to help them get their walls in tip-top condition and in their desired shade.

4. Plumbers and other mechanical professionals. If your buyers aren’t the first owners of a home, they may need to have their heating and cooling systems and water heater professionally cleaned and serviced. Introduce them to a technician or service in your network who will treat them well and keep their mechanical equipment running like new.

5. A moving company. Packing up and moving is a time consuming and laborious process. If you have a moving company that you work with and trust, connect them with your buyers to help the process go smoothly.

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