How to Use Social Media to Engage with Your Clients

Stay connected to your clients and professional network with the right social media platform.

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your clients and other professionals that you know. Each social network has its benefits. However, for people who are unfamiliar with all of the choices in social media, it can be difficult to figure out which site or sites will best fit their needs. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

Here is an overview of the most popular social networking sites:

Why use it: It seems as though everyone you know is on Facebook, and you’re probably right. Facebook touts more than 1.11 billion users each month. The key advantage of Facebook is that your posts have the potential to be seen by the networks of your “Friends” if they “Like” or comment on your posts. It’s a great medium to reach your clients and the networks of your clients.

What to post: Relevant statistics about the real estate market, interesting articles, insight into the market, listings, reminders about client parties, pictures of your clients at closings or client parties and inspirational/motivational quotes.

What to avoid: Over posting, oversharing, unprofessional and/or offensive articles, photos or links—basically anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.

Why use it: Google+ is slowly gaining on Facebook in terms of users, and is considered the #2 social network. It’s similar to Facebook in that it allows you to update your status and share photos, links, videos, etc. Google+ also lets you organize your connections into Circles as well as plan Hangouts with them.

What to post: Anything you would post on Facebook, you can also post to Google+.

What to avoid: Anything you would not post on Facebook, don’t post it to Google+ either.

Why use it: Pinterest is a visually-focused social media site that is perfect for marketing your business and your listings. Unlike many listing sites, you’re not limited to the number of images you post. This gives you the freedom to post detailed snaps of a property’s best features that may be missed on a regular listing site.

What to post: Photos of your listed properties, infographics and other information about home ownership and the real estate market and architecture or interior design that you like.

What to avoid: If you don’t own the rights to the photographs that you post or you don’t have an agreement to use them with the photographer who took them, don’t post them. Posting a copyrighted image may get you into trouble if you get caught.

Why use it: Show your character and competence in 140 characters or less! Twitter is a great platform to share snippets of information to a wide audience, including other industry leaders. When used correctly, Twitter may help you establish yourself as an expert of your market.

What to post: Links to blogs or articles that you’ve written or found interesting, infographics about the market or homeownership and motivational/inspirational quotes. Retweet posts from industry leaders to put yourself on their radar.

What to avoid: Only retweeting the posts of others. Your content and insight is what attracts followers. Oh, and the same rule about not posting anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see applies here, too.

Why use it: Although LinkedIn has incorporated some of the features of the other social media sites, such as article sharing, its main purpose is to showcase your professional experience and connect you with people that you know in a professional capacity. It’s another avenue to help you establish yourself as the go-to expert of your market.

What to post: Links to interesting articles and infographics about real estate and other pertinent information.

What to avoid: While you should feel free to show off your unique personality in your profile, there’s a line between silly and unprofessional—try not to cross it.
Make sure that your clients can find you on social media. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software makes it easy for your clients to connect with you on social media. Simply add your social media usernames to your Email Signature before you send your monthly email marketing information and Viola! you’re ready to be found.

Practice what you’ve learned and share this post on any of the social media sites listed below.


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