How to Use Social Media for Business

No matter what platforms you use, these tips can help you optimize your social media experience.

No matter what platforms you use, these tips can help you optimize your social media experience.

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your business and listings. However, many agents post too often and saturate their clients’ news feeds with so much information that they feel overwhelmed and choose to unsubscribe. Or, they post so infrequently that their clients forget about them. Mastering social media involves a delicate dance; however, it is possible to build relationships with clients with the following tips.

1. Post a mix of items. While it’s smart to post listings and other business marketing information every now and then, try not to sell something every time you post on social media. People are savvy about sales and can sense a promotion a mile away, which may be a turnoff. Instead, post useful information and articles, along with photos from closings and client parties.

2. Don’t overshare. If you have to ask yourself if it’s appropriate to post, don’t. Social media isn’t the place to post rants, detail a horrible transaction or make fun of a bad client.

3. Connect with people. It’s easy to “like” someone’s photo or posting; try to comment on it, too. A simple, “Thanks for posting this. It’s great information” is sufficient to connect with your clients.

4. Thank people for sharing. A single thank you goes a long way. When someone shares your content, thank them. When someone comments on a post, thank them.

5. Be careful what and how often you repost. It’s tempting to post a listing or other content multiple times a day on your page; however, reposting the same content will make your followers disregard anything you post. If you do repost a listing or other content, try to put a fresh spin on it. Or, use sites like HootSuite to schedule your posts for when the majority of your followers are online.

6. Keep it positive. People like to associate with and do business with positive people. Remember to put a positive spin on what you post. Don’t rant and rave about a client, the guy who cut you off in traffic or anything that could put you in a bad light.

7. Watch your language. Although most people aren’t grammar experts, grammar and spelling mistakes can stick out like a sore thumb on social media. Remember, social media is another form of communication. Use the correct punctuation, spelling and grammar for all of your posts.
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      Typically, you’d post through your personal page. It lends to authenticity and gives your clients a glimpse into your personality and how you work.

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