How to Thank People Who Send You Referrals

Thank people for referring you

When you work by referral, the clients who refer you drive your business. They’re the walking, talking advocates of your character and expertise as a real estate professional. Although they don’t have to refer you, the fact that they do is a testament to their desire to see your business thrive. That’s why it’s so important to thank them for the referrals they send your way. We all want to feel acknowledged and appreciated and your clients are no different. When they feel appreciated for referring you, they’re more likely to keep referring you.

Know who’s referring you. Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to see who’s sending referrals your way. It tracks not only how many referrals you receive from your clients, but who they referred as well.

Acknowledge them right away. Many agents wait to acknowledge the referral until the transaction closes. It’s not important whether or when a deal closes; what’s important is the referral in the first place. Acknowledge the referral right away to show how much you appreciated it and to keep you from forgetting to do so later.

Give a small, useful gift. People love gift cards, whether it’s for Amazon, a local home décor store or a favorite restaurant. Do some digging to see what they’re into (or refer to their client info page in your CRM) to know where to purchase a card from. Or, purchase a Visa gift card, which can be used wherever Visa is accepted.

Include a personal note. Be sure to thank them for their referral and assure them the person they referred will be in good hands.

Don’t promise your clients a reward for a referral. The item and thank you should be seen as a gift of appreciation, not as payment for referring someone.
Build your business with the great referrals from your clients. If you’re not using Referral Maker CRM, what are you waiting for? Visit to start using it today!

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