How to Take a Vacation

Take a vacation! Your productivity depends on it.

Take a vacation! Your productivity depends on it.

It’s the middle of summer; have you taken your vacation yet? Taking time off is essential to recharge your batteries and help you maintain your commitment to your productivity and goals. Just as you need to take a break during your workday to refocus your mind, taking time off—whether it’s a long weekend or month-long trip overseas—can do wonders to refresh your spirit and help you see the big picture.

Unfortunately, if you’re like many real estate professionals, it can be hard to relax and fully enjoy your time off. After all, the real estate market isn’t put on hold just because you’re gallivanting on a beach somewhere. However, it is possible to unplug for bit while helping your business grow.

Schedule it. As soon as you have a date in mind, block it off in your calendar and in Referral Maker® real estate CRM, and don’t plan anything during that time.

Train your assistant well ahead of time. While your assistant may not be able to do everything that you can do, they are able to answer the burning questions that your clients may have while you’re gone. Teach them to handle these tasks, and your clients will feel taken care of while you’re out.

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Let your clients know that you’ll be out. Set an out of office message that explains that you’ll be off the grid while you’re on vacation, and give them the contact information to your assistant. When you talk to your top clients, let them know that you’ll be on vacation and will be eager to connect with them when you return. Most people will understand your need to recharge; if you have a client who causes a stink because you’ll be out, rethink their place in your database.

Sign off. While it may be impossible to pry your phone from your hands, limit its use to its original intention—phone calls. Sign out of your email, social media and other distracting accounts. This will prevent you from being bombarded with updates and information and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.

…and don’t sneak off to check your email. While it’s great that most hotels offer free Wi-Fi and computer stations, resist the urge to sneak out and check your email. What starts out as “I’ll only be 5 minutes” may turn into hours online, angry travel companions and a ruined trip.

Limit your time online. The Web makes it easy to get recommendations for restaurants and activities to do while you’re exploring your vacation destination. Make it a point to limit your time online to researching things to do. Or, better yet, do this before you leave so that you don’t have to consult the Internet at all and can spend more time enjoying yourself.

Choose a destination off the beaten path. If you have trouble disconnecting, don’t give yourself a choice. Go to place where the wireless connection is spotty or nonexistent so that it’s impossible to sign on to your email and social media.

Keep a notebook. If you’re thinking, “what if I have this ground-breaking idea and I’m not near a computer. How will I ever remember it?” Back in the day, before computers there was this thing called paper. A bunch of paper bound together creates this neat-o book the size of a smartphone called a notebook. A simple pen and small notebook will be all you need to jot down your million dollar ideas and other ramblings.

If you’re worried about the mountain of work that will greet you upon your return, Referral Maker CRM can help. Referral Maker makes it easy to plan your schedule, adjust your daily activities and stay on top of everything that you have to do. Make coming back from your break a breeze with Referral Maker. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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