How to Stay on Track to a GREAT Year

Be GREATWe’re more than halfway through the year; are you still on track to reaching your goals?  We’ve reached a point when many people, try as they might, often fall off the path to reaching their goals. Either they’ve experienced a setback or their motivation has waned. In order to achieve success, we have to be GREAT all year long. What does that mean?

Goals: Set measureable short-, medium- and long-term goals. Referral Maker® CRM can help you set goals for your business and other areas of your life as well. It’ll generate daily activities based on the goals you set. If you need to move the goal line, go to the My Business tab and choose Business Goals.

Referrals: Referrals are the bread-and-butter of your business. Referral Maker helps you track who’s referring you and how often, calculating the ratios for you.

Expenses: When you track your expenses, you’ll know where your money is going. Track your expenses with Referral Maker so you can get on the path to financial freedom. Remember to include personal development in your budget and commit no less than ten percent of your income to self-improvement, whether it’s an inspirational book or a seminar or training near you.

Activities: When you do your lead generation activities consistently every single day, you’ll be on the path to success. Referral Maker helps you stay on track by reminding you to send your monthly marketing materials, call your clients, write personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys to clients.

Transactions: Know the ins and outs of your transactions. How many are you set to closethis year? How many did you close last year? What is your contract-to-sales ratio? When you’re up on your numbers, you can work to improve them.

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