How to Provide Value to Your Clients

Mail--via monthly mailings and personal notes--is a great way to connect with clients and provide value.

Mail–via monthly mailings and personal notes–is a great way to connect with clients and provide value.

Want to stay at the top of your clients’ minds? Provide value to them consistently before, during and after you’ve completed the transaction. Many people complain that they lost touch with their real estate agents after the deal closed on their homes. Providing value gives you the opportunity to reach out to your clients and maintain the lines of communication. Here are five ways to provide value:

Send monthly Marketing Flyers. Everyone loves getting real mail. That is, mail that isn’t a bill or an advertisement. Although your marketing flyers offer an opportunity to advertise a new listing, they also provide interesting or important information that may be of interest to your clients or someone they know. When you send this information to them each and every month, they come to rely on it, further solidifying your role as an advocate and expert.

Follow up with a monthly eReport. The monthly eReport is designed to complement your monthly mailing and provides additional information about the topic. It also gives your clients an easy way to connect with you—all they have to do is hit ‘reply’ and ask a question, make a comment or just say ‘hello.’

Provide community information on your website or on social media. As a real estate professional you’re the expert of your local community. What better way to exert your role than to offer information about the community on your website or within a status update on social media. Mention upcoming events, such as parades or market days, or provide links to articles you see online about the area.

Include real estate-related information on your website or on social media. Is your local area experiencing a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market? What items should a potential buyer gather together to get prequalified for a mortgage? What tips do you have for a first-time buyer or seller? This is all helpful information of interest to anyone who’s considering a jump into the housing market. Providing this information allows you to show off your expertise as well as your concern for your clients.

Go personal with a note, phone call or Pop-By. What better way to provide value while showing that you care than through a personal note, call or Pop-By? In addition to showing your client that their business is valuable to you, these personal touches also give you the opportunity to remind them that you’re never too busy for their questions or their referrals.
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