How to Optimize Technology in Your Relationships

Technology can help you enhance your relationships.

Technology can help you enhance your relationships.

Whether you’re new to the real estate business or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s no doubt that you’ve incorporated technology into your daily habits. From using a CRM, like Referral Maker® to storing documents in the cloud, the way we do things is far more technological than it was just a decade ago. One thing that hasn’t changed—the importance of relationships. It’s true; the relationships you build with your clients are and will always be the key driver of the success of your business. Repeat business and referrals ensure that your business thrives through any market. Here are a few ways to optimize the use of technology to enhance your relationships.

1. Send your eReports consistently each month. Your monthly eReport not only complements the Marketing Flyer, it also gives you another opportunity to touch base with your clients. More than that, it offers a convenient way for your clients to get in touch with you to ask a question or just say ‘hello.’

2. Include a video in your email. Personalize the emails you send to your clients and current buyers and sellers with a short video email. Video is a fun way to connect with your clients. Personalize each video for your best clients or film a video to send to your buyers and sellers and reassure them that you’re there to help. It’s sure to set you apart from your competition.

3. Use Referral Maker® CRM. Referral Maker helps you take total charge of your business once and for all. Manage your relationships, track activities, set goals and much more. Visit to learn more and start your 30-day free trial.

Working by referral doesn’t mean you have to eschew technology. When used correctly, technology can help you build and enhance your relationships and improve your business. Don’t fear changing technology—instead, stay connected to the basics so you can use technology as one of many tools in your business. Learn more at the MarTech Trends™ Conference and get the all the strategies you need communicate with your clients more effectively in the digital age. You’ll learn to avoid the technology traps, become more productive and work more effectively with today’s tech-savvy consumers. Click here to register today.

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