How to Network More Effectively

Networking is an essential skill for a real estate professional.

Real estate is a social profession, and as an agent you come into contact with a variety of people every day. Your profession puts you in the position of being the hub of your social network—the person that your clients rely on to connect them with a good landscaper, roofer or even babysitter. However, to connect people more effectively, it’s important to get to know each of the people in your database on a level beyond just their name and office phone number. Here are a few ways to do so:

When you meet someone, write something memorable about him/her on the back of their business card and be sure to transfer this information when you enter them into your database. This will jog your memory when you speak to them at a later date. For example, say you meet someone at a mixer who mentions that they’re going golfing in Scotland in a month. If you physically make note of this fun fact, you can ask them, “Hey, how was your golf trip to Scotland?” when you speak to them a few months down the road.

Keep your database up-to-date with your clients’ information, including hobbies and line of work. There’s no need to give your clients the third degree when you first meet them. However, over time you’ll gradually learn more about them, so be sure to note any new information into your database.

If you were introduced by someone, include the name of that person in your database. This will allow you to see who already knows who and can help you know who to send a ‘thank you’ to for sending the referral.

Use your network to find ways to make connections. As the hub of your network, you’re in the unique position to connect the people in your database to one another. When a client asks you if you know a good interior designer or arborist, you can tap into your database and connect them with someone great.

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