How to Keep Negativity at Bay

Be the model of positive behavior and you'll find that your optimism will spread.

Be the model of positive behavior and you’ll find that your optimism will spread.

Everyday we’re bombarded with negativity—negative stories, negative people and negative thoughts. It may easy to succumb to the negativity and become little bundles of negative energy ourselves; however, it’s healthier for our bodies, minds, spirits and the people around us if we break the cycle and nurture positivity instead. Here are some tips to keep negativity at bay.

You feel bombarded by negativity in the media
Filter it out. There’s so much negativity on television and the media. Combat it by changing the channel or turning it off and reading a book instead. While you may not be able to control what’s on television, you can choose whether to watch it or not. Become more positive by seeking out positive and inspiring books, articles, magazines, etc. and read them when you wake up to start your day on a more positive note.

Your negative thoughts are louder than your positive thoughts.
Be grateful. Positive and negative thoughts run through our minds every moment of the day. Drown out the self-destructive negative thoughts by building up your positive thoughts. Jon Gordon, who spoke at Brian Buffini’s Success Tour last year, calls this feeding the positive dog, and he advises that we do this every day to maintain a positive disposition. One way to feed your positive dog is to express gratitude.  Take a few minutes to write down three things that you’re grateful for each day. Not only will this help you feel better about life, you’ll also gain perspective and appreciate what you have.

You’re surrounded by negative people.
Model positive behavior. It can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude when the people around you are infecting you with their negative attitudes. Instead of joining them, rise above and model a positive attitude. Who knows, you may find that your positive attitude will rub off on those around you, and when it does, be sure to praise them. After all, we all love a bit of praise and are more likely to repeat the behavior if we’re praised for it.

You have negative disposition and you want to make a change.
Keep a journal. Congratulations; you’ve realized that you can thrive more in life and business being Positive Polly instead of Negative Nancy. This will entail a huge attitude adjustment; however, with practice you can turn positivity into a habit. One way to do this is to keep a journal. By documenting your thoughts and experiences, you can identify patterns and behaviors that foster negativity. For example, if you find yourself thinking negatively about a stressful situation, writing about the experience can help you think of positive ways to handle it. Reading journal entries also gives you perspective and allows you to see how far you’ve come.
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