How to Hang in There When Times Are Tough

Looking on the positive side can help you find the value in an experience.

Looking on the positive side can help you find the value in an experience.

We’ve all experienced challenges and setbacks in our lives. While we’re in the midst of the storm, it’s hard to see past the current struggle to the calmer times ahead. However, the most resilient people are able to navigate through any storm and come out stronger and more successful on the other side. Here are five ways to hang in there when challenges arise.

Look for the positive side. When challenges arise or things don’t go the way you planned, it can be tough to think optimistically about the situation. That’s why for most of us, our first reaction is get angry or lash out at the nearest person. However, after you take a deep breath and calm down (and apologize), try to find something positive about the situation, even if it’s just to see it as a valuable learning experience. Sometimes failures lead to the best lessons.

Look ahead. It’s hard to see the results of all of your hard work in the short-term, just ask anyone who’s tried to lose weight. However, over time the results of your efforts will become clear, especially if you track your progress. Tracking your activities allows you to look back at quantitative data to gain perspective about your progress, giving you the boost of motivation you need to thrive.

Reconnect with your ‘why.’ Having a ‘why’ or a purpose will help you keep your eyes on the end goal. This sense of purpose is what helps you get up in the morning and gives you the drive to continue to do your daily lead generating activities, etc. even when your heart is just not in it. It helps you look beyond temporary setbacks and challenges so that you can achieve your goals.

Take a break. When the going gets tough, take a break. Get outside and go for a run or a walk. Take a yoga class. Read an inspiring book or article. Lose yourself for a few hours in your favorite hobby. Breaks allow your mind and body to recharge so that you can tackle your challenges like a linebacker.

Get a mentor. Sometimes it helps to get advice and encouragement from an outside source who has no skin in the game. A mentor can help you find perspective, stay on track and give you the much-needed kick in the behind when you need it.

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