How to Give Your Clients a Great Real Estate Experience

Keep in regular contact with your buyers and sellers to avoid the common communication issues.

The most successful real estate agents are experts at communication and negotiation. However, even the experts encounter difficult situations, often due to preventable misunderstandings that can spring up during the transaction. The nature of real estate requires many people to have a finger in the transactional pie, which inevitably creates more opportunity for communication breakdowns between the parties involved. As the hub of each real estate transaction, you are in the unique position to improve your clients’ experiences and help to prevent delays and communication problems. Here’s how:

Keep your clients up-to-date throughout the transaction. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software makes it easy to maintain communication with your clients. The buyers and sellers that you are currently working with appear on your To-Do list along with a directive to call or email them. You can also set reminders to get in touch with lenders, inspectors, attorneys, contractors and whoever else is involved in the transaction, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Eliminate confusion. If a buyer or seller doesn’t seem to have many questions, it could be because they don’t know the right questions to ask. Help your buyers and sellers avoid the common pitfalls of real estate by guiding them through the process. Even if they have experience in the property market, it’s often a relief to have someone take the stress out of the process.

Let technology help to hold people accountable. Programs like Basecamp and DocuSign ensure that all of the paperwork is signed, sealed and delivered to the appropriate people. That way, nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Be realistic with your clients. Television shows often make it appear as if homes are found, bought and moved into within 30 minutes. In reality, the process can take much longer. Educate your buyers and sellers about the state of your local market and give them a realistic timeline to work with. If there are delays along the way, be sure to explain them to your clients; this helps to lessen the chances of misunderstandings along the way.

Remember, most of your clients aren’t real estate experts. Even if they’ve bought or sold a home before, they aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs and of the market as you are, and will appreciate that you’ve had the foresight to enhance their experience. Referral Maker CRM helps you keep track of who to contact, when to contact them and gives you prompts to start the conversation. For a 30-day free trial of Referral Maker or to learn more about how it can boost your business, click here.


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