How to Get More Done without Working Harder

Work smarter, not harder with these 3 productivity tips.

Work smarter, not harder with these 3 productivity tips.

While hard work does indeed pay off, there’s a delicate balance between working hard and becoming a slave to your work. Although working hard may involve long days here and there, if you’re constantly working in overdrive, there’s a good chance that you’ll drive yourself to frustration and burnout. And a burned out real estate professional is unable to do anyone any good.

Professionals who have mastered working hard have also mastered something else: working smart. It’s not that they outwork the long-hours/no-lunch crowd; they’ve just figured out how to use their time more productively. Want to be more like them? Here are a few tips.

Prioritize your to-do list.  We all make to-do lists and then feel disappointed when we haven’t completed everything on the list at the end of the day. The biggest problem with a basic to-do list is that it gives every task on the list equal importance, which forces you to spend time on less important tasks instead of focusing on activities that drive your business. Instead, take the to-do list a step further and prioritize it each day. Put the most important items at the top of the list—these are the activities that you must do, such as lead generation.  Once those tasks are complete, then move on to the other items and the fires that arose that day.

Time block your day. Did you know that the mind is only able to focus for 90 minutes periods at a time? Without breaks to refocus, the mind turns to mush and turns even the happiest person into Grumpy McGrumpleskin. Time blocking your day into 90 minute chunks, with 15-20 minutes of rest and zone-out time in between, will help you to get more done. How? You’re able to work at your best and sharpest for a set duration of time, and can look forward to a break. The breaks help our minds rest so that we can focus for another 90 minutes.

Set realistic goals. Goals are essential for your business success—after all, you have to have something to strive for. However, it’s important that they’re realistic. Oftentimes, we set lofty goals and then become disappointed when we don’t achieve them. Instead, be realistic about what you can achieve.

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