How to Foster a Can-Do Attitude

Your attitude determines your success. Make sure yours is a good one.

Your attitude determines your success. Make sure yours is a good one.

When challenges arise, many people adopt a negative attitude. However, the most successful people resist the path of negativity and lean into a can-do, positive attitude. Instead of complaining, they look for solutions and ways to tackle the challenges head-on. Here are three ways to adopt a positive outlook in your daily life.
See the positive side. Life is all about perspective. When life throws a wrench in the works, try to find something positive about the situation. If a transaction is taking longer than anticipated or falls through, look for the silver lining. The same goes for the other people who are involved in the transaction. While you can’t change their attitudes, you can prevent their negativity from infecting yours. Empathize with them and where they’re coming from, but always maintain an optimistic attitude.

Just do it. In the time it takes to worry or complain about something, you can usually get it done or at least get a good start on it. It’s easy to be anxious; however, it takes courage to move past the anxiety and get on with it.

Embrace change. Do you foresee complications ahead in a transaction? Do you expect changes or transitions in the future? It’s natural to worry about things that are out of your control; however, don’t let the worry paralyze you. Instead, mitigate any impacts ahead of time. For example, encourage your clients to get pre-approved for a mortgage while they’re in the beginning stages of their search; that way, they can pounce when they find the home they want to write an offer on. If you think you may have financially challenging times in the near future, start socking money away right now and ramp up your lead generation. Remember, the seeds you sow now will become blooming plants later in the year.
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