How to Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations

Exceed Expectations

Want to build advocates for your business? Surpass the expectations of your clients. Not only is it part of great service, it builds trust and deepens relationship–all of which are essential to build a lasting business. Here are three ways to ‘wow’ your clients.

1. Listen. Everyone wants to be heard—they want to know their thoughts and feelings are heard and validated. Listen to what they’re saying as well as what they’re not saying: their body language, the words they use, etc. When you speak with your clients, make sure you’re focusing on them. That means don’t look at your smartphone when you speak with them in person and don’t check email or social media when you’re on the phone. Giving them your undivided attention will not only allow them to feel valued, it’ll also give insight into ways to serve.

2. Look for ways to provide value. People today have more access to information than clients in the past. They can go online and find the information they need, whether they want to learn more about the real estate process, financing or look at properties. While it may seem they don’t need a real estate agent, they actually need you more than ever, specifically your experience to help them understand the information they’ve found. Additionally, give them what they’re looking for by sending monthly flyers with information they may find useful, offering personalized service and hosting workshops about buying, selling, the mortgage process, etc.

3. Look for ways to help. When you speak with your clients, look for a need to fill as well as opportunities to tap into your network and connect then with a tradesperson or service you trust. Referring them to pros in your network reinforces your position as hub of their network and is another way to provide value to your clients. When you refer them to professionals you trust in your network, you build trust and provide value to your clients.

Relationships are essential to a thriving business. Use Referral Maker® CRM to help you stay up-to-date with your clients, note who’s referring you, and connect people within your network. Visit to learn more.

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