How the eReport Makes Your Marketing More Effective


Your clients want to stay in touch long after the contract is signed, and one of the best ways to do so is through your marketing. We developed the marketing flyers as a way to stay at the top of mind of your clients by sending them helpful information each month. The eReport is a complementary piece to the flyer, intended to use as a follow up to the printed flyer. When you send it in the middle of the month, you create the opportunity to get in touch with your clients and for your clients to easily respond to you. And, when you send it consistently, you’ll leverage the stacking effect of the Referral Maker Marketing System.

Boost your marketing campaigns with eReports

1. It may encourage referrals. Want to leave a lasting impression on your clients and get more referrals? Send the eReport. Not only does it make it easier for them to contact you, it may also jog their memories about a friend or family member who may be in the market for a home or who may want to list their current home.

2. It illustrates your expertise and character. The eReports are intended to help you show your clients that you care about them and want to help. Often the topic is something that may prompt them to contact you to ask a real estate question, discuss the market or ask for a referral to a service or tradesperson.

3. It may prompt your clients to share the information with their networks. The email format of the eReport makes it easy to forward to other people. Since the topics are intended to pertain to many people, your clients can forward it to someone they know who may find it interesting. For example, if the eReport offers tips about home renovations, your client may forward it to their friend who’s adding on to their home. When they forward the eReport on, your information will be included, which makes it easy for the person to get in touch with you.
Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to track the open rate and effectiveness of your eReports each month. Additionally, you can also see who opened it. If you’re not using Referral Maker CRM, click here to learn more and sign up today.




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