How Success is Linked to Your Choices

Choose well.

Choose well.

Many real estate professionals pursue success only to have it elude them time after time. Sure, they set goals, commit to daily lead generating activities and offer great service to their clients, but they seem to miss something along the way, and what they’re missing prevents them from reaching their ultimate goal of success.

What they’re missing may boil down to the choices they’ve made. The choices don’t have to be large, life-impacting ones, such as moving to a new area or changing companies. More likely, the choices are small, seemingly insignificant ones that they make every day. Perhaps they choose to work through lunch in an effort to cross more off of their to-do list, only to not have the energy or focus to be at their best during a listing presentation later in the afternoon. Maybe they skipped the gym to get another hour of shut-eye and they couldn’t perform at their best for the rest of the day. While these choices may not seem that big at the time, they have an impact on productivity for the day and the chances of reaching success in the future.

If you manage yourself, you can be as successful as you’re capable of being.
 –Brian Buffini

The key is to make the choice before the choice presents itself. One way to do this is to create and stick to a routine. When you have a routine, it’s hard to deviate from it. Everything becomes so automatic that a choice is no longer an option.

Now, we’re not saying to be totally inflexible—after all, stuff happens. However, sticking to a good routine—one that taps into your strengths—allows you to focus on what’s important and adhere to the activities that will help you reach your goals. For example, if your goal is to get in shape and lose fifteen pounds, having a health routine—one where you work out every day for a set amount of time and eat healthy meals—will help you get there. Stopping at the nearest fast food place on your way home after a stressful day is no longer a choice that you need to make; eating healthy has become so automatic that instead you’ll reheat a container of healthy stew that you made earlier in the week.

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