How Many Transactions Do You Need to Close to Reach Your Goals?

Benchmarking will help you reach your goals.

Benchmarking will help you reach your goals.

So, you’ve set realistic, measurable goals for the year that will help you take your business to the next level. While this is an important first step, it’s not enough. If you want to reach your goals, you have to know how many closed transactions will get you there.

Now this may seem like a tedious step, and one that involves some math at that. However, once you know how many closed transactions it takes to reach your goal, you can set benchmarks to reach each month.

Why benchmark?
Benchmarks are like mini-goals to reach along your journey to achieve your bigger goal. They keep you on track, especially during difficult times when it may seem easier to give up.
1. Check your progress. Benchmarks tell you how you’re doing.
2. Adjust your goal. If it was easy to reach a benchmark, you can make the next one more difficult, and vice versa.
3. Stay on track. Benchmarking requires daily tracking, which helps you develop successful habits.
4. Maintain perspective. When you’re not feeling motivated, it helps to look back on your progress and reflect on the benchmarks and smaller goals you’ve reached.
5. Get back on track. If you’ve experienced a setback and fallen off-course, benchmarks help you get back on track so you can ultimately reach your goal.

In addition to figuring out the number of closings you need to reach your goals, Referral Maker also figures out the number of referrals you need to earn, personal notes to write, phone calls to make, Pop-Bys to deliver and much more, in order to reach your target.  You’re sure to reach your goals!

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