How Having a Purpose Impacts Success

What's your purpose?

What’s your purpose?

What’s your purpose? According to American author Washington Irving, “Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” Having a purpose—a reason to get up in the morning and work hard toward your goals—is hugely beneficial to your business and your life. If you want to succeed and make this your best year ever, it’s important to find your ‘why.’ Not convinced? Here are three ways that having a purpose impacts your success.

It gives you focus. A purpose gives you a reason to cut through the clutter of life and focus on the tasks and activities that are essential to reaching your goals. It gives you tunnel vision so that you’re not dragged into the drama and tasks that don’t propel you forward.

It keeps you motivated. We all have days when we’re just not feeling it. A purpose keeps you motivated to put in the work to reach your goals, especially when you’re experiencing a setback or challenge. A purpose doesn’t let you off the hook; it says, “You can’t give up now because of…”

It helps you reach your goals. Focus and motivation are essential to achieve your goals, and having a purpose drives both. If you want to achieve your goals and live the life you’ve imagined, it’s vital to find your ‘why.’
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