Hosting a Client Party This Summer? Try These Ideas.

Invite your A+ clients to a picnic to say thanks for their business.

Invite your A+ clients to a picnic to say thanks for their business.

Client parties are a fun way to socialize with your favorite clients, say ‘thanks’ for their business and referrals and have a great time while you’re at it. If you’ve been thinking of hosting a client party, the summer provides an excellent opportunity to plan one.  Get outside and enjoy some fun in the sun with these summer client party ideas.

A barbeque. Get out your apron and grilling tools and invite your clients over for a barbeque. Plan it around Father’s Day, the 4th of July (or Canada Day for our neighbors to the north) or Labor Day, or you plan it for another time during the summer. Supply the meat and veggies as well as beverages and side dishes, or invite your guests to bring their favorite side dishes to share.

A cruise on the water. If you live near a lake or harbor, look into your boating options. Invite your top clients—your A+ clients, to be specific—for a day or evening on the water. Many places offer harbor cruises with meals included, or you can rent a boat and supply the food and beverages yourself.

Picnic and games. Invite your clients to the local park or outdoor recreational area for a picnic and games. This is perfect for your clients with children of all ages. Bring games that appeal to young and old alike, such as horse shoes, Frisbee, Bocce ball, etc. and offer prices to the winners.

A day at the beach. If you’re fortunate to live near the beach, invite your clients down to enjoy a beach day. Bring extra sunscreen, aloe and towels and supply the games and beach toys for the kids. Set up a pop-up tent, if it’s allowed, and serve beverages and snacks. Please note: Many areas may require permits for events, so be sure to check with your local parks and recreation department to see what the rules are in your area.

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