Hone These 7 Qualities to Live an Inspired Life

Do you want to live a more inspired life?

Do you want to live a more inspired life?

Everyone loves a good underdog story. You know the ones where someone ordinary overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve extraordinary greatness. These stories hit home, inspire us, make us weep and teach us valuable lessons about life and humanity. They strike a chord because see ourselves in the protagonist of the story, and hope that if we were in a similar circumstance we would be able to rise above and succeed as well. The good news is that we can; the heroes of our favorite stories embody these characteristics. To be the hero of your own story, try to hone these traits.

Resolute: The heroes of our stories are persistent and unwavering in their commitment to a goal or outcome. Whatever life throws at them, they remain on track to the finish no matter what.

How to hone this trait: Set goals and create a goal board. Goals help you achieve your dreams. However, having a visual reminder of your goals will ensure that you stay on track to reach them.

Determination: Our heroes are driven by a sense of purpose. They have a ‘why’ which provides a reason for them to beat the odds and win.

How to hone this trait: Find your ‘why.’ Having a ‘why,’ or a purpose, will help you maintain your focus when it’s easier to quit. To find yours, think of what drives you—what is your reason for getting up in the morning and pursuing your goals?

Devotion: More than loyalty, devotion entails commitment and faithfulness toward an activity, goal or cause. Devotion leads our heroes to get up and do the work each and every day until their dream is realized.

How to hone this trait: Create good habits. The easiest way to create a good habit is to schedule it. Do it for 21 days or however long it takes for it to become as automatic to you as breathing. Tap into Referral Maker® real estate CRM to help you set, track and maintain your habits.

Hone these 7 qualities to live an inspired life_live inspired

Charisma: While some may think that charisma is all about charm, in reality it’s about how we connect with other people. People with charisma have more than charm; they make everyone they meet feel special and important, regardless of their social status. That’s why people are will to help our heroes along their journeys.

How to hone this trait: Listen. While there are many resources available that promise to make you more charming and attractive, the real secret to charisma lies on either side of your head. Open your ears and quiet your mouth when connect with people. The more you listen and ask questions, the more important you make the other person feel and the stronger the bonds you’ll make with them.

Patience: Nothing happens as quickly as we want it to. On a hero’s journey, he or she must deal with delays and setbacks. What sets them apart is their ability to endure despite setbacks, and remain true to their overall goal. Instead of throwing themselves a pity party and quitting, they double-down and focus on what’s important.

How to hone this trait: Have a mantra. Memorize it and repeat it daily. Or print it out and post it where you will see it. Whatever you do, choose a quote or saying that motivates you to keep going.

Passion: Our heroes are fired up. Their strong convictions provide the fuel they need to drive them to reach their dreams.

How to hone this trait: The philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” What are you passionate about? Having a purpose may get you out of bed in the morning, but passion is what gets you out of bed with a smile on your face and the energy to take on the world.

Loving: Although we’ve come to associate love with attraction, it also includes the kindness and compassion we feel toward others—think altruism rather than romantic love. In literature and real life, our heroes show compassion and empathy for others. Even Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch became heroes of their stories when they had a change of heart and showed kindness, compassion and generosity.

How to hone this trait: Be kind, not just to your family, friends and colleagues; be kind to everyone that you meet from the barista who rings up your coffee to the homeless person on the street. It only takes a second to smile, and who knows, you may even make their day.

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