Help Your Clients Prepare for Winter with this Fall Checklist

Winter is just around the corner--are your clients prepared?

Winter is just around the corner–are your clients prepared?

The autumn is the ideal time to clean and organize the house and get the landscape ready for cooler temperatures. It’s also a great time for you to serve your clients by helping them get their homes ready for the change in seasons. Although longtime homeowners may have this process down, first time homeowners may appreciate knowing what things should be done to their homes to keep them in good working order before the cold weather hits. Help your first time and longtime homeowners prepare for winter with this checklist.

Things to do in the house:

Put away summer clothes. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a place without weather fluctuations during the year, it’s time to put away the swimsuits, shorts and sandals. Pack them in vacuum sealed bags to save space and to keep them in good condition for next year.

Pull out winter clothes. Pull out winter coats, boots, heavy sweaters and all things made of flannel, wool and other warm and snuggly materials. This is also the time to get out any winter sports equipment and make sure that they’re in good working condition.

Organize your closets and storage areas. The rotation of the wardrobe gives you the opportunity to sort and organize your closets and storage spaces. Put anything you don’t use in a separate pile to either get rid of (if it’s worn or broken) or give away (if it’s not your size or style anymore).

Clean. The spring and the fall have traditionally been the best times to give your home a thorough cleaning. Break out the cleaners, dusters and brooms and clean every last nook and cranny of your home’s interior.

Things to do outside:

Store summer toys/lawn games. Good-bye bocce ball and inflatable children’s pool—it’s time to put them away until next year. Clean them up before you store them to make sure they’re in great shape for their emergence in the spring.

Service the mower. Keep your mower in top shape by cleaning the blade and putting fuel stabilizer in the gas tank over the winter. Also clean off any grass bits that are stuck to the body of the machine.

Service the snow blower. Don’t get caught with a broken snow blower at the first big storm. Make sure it’s in good working order before the snow comes, and get it fixed ASAP.

Clean the gutters. Prevent roof leaks and other damage by cleaning the gutter gunk twice a year. Fall is a great time to do this since you’re preparing the rest of your place for winter anyway. Get out the ladder, gloves and a good trowel and start clearing.

Get your gardens ready. Getting your garden in shape now will save time later on. Clear out any weeds and dead plants and mulch around your perennials and shrubs. This is also the time to plant garlic—depending on your zone—and any other bulbs like tulips.

Cover plants and bring plants in pots indoors. If your outdoor plants are sensitive to cold and snow, cover them or bring them inside if they’re in pots. If you bring them inside, be sure to check for bugs or other critters that may hitch a ride. Or, better yet, replenish the soil if you can.

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