Have You Downloaded Referral Maker Mobile Yet?

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to work anywhere

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to work anywhere


If not, what are you waiting for? Referral Maker® Mobile makes it easy to stay in touch with clients and manage your business while you’re on the go. We understand that, as a busy real estate agent, you have more important things to do than stay at your desk all day inputting information and checking things off your to-do list. You’re at your best when you’re out and about, meeting with clients, presenting your marketing strategy to your sellers and networking with other agents and meeting other local small business owners.

Have the best of both worlds with Referral Maker Mobile, the app that helps you work by referral while you’re away from the office. You’ll always know who to contact, what to do and what to say with Referral Maker Mobile—you’ll have Referral Maker CRM in your pocket so you can manage your business from anywhere you are.

• Stay on track to reach your goals by managing your calendar and daily activities. Check off your daily proactive lead generating activities as you complete them, and always know how close you are to achieving your goals for the day, week and year.
 Update your contacts on-the-go. Update your clients’ information while it’s still fresh in your mind. Make a note and file it later or enter the information in your client’s entry.
 Use GPS to find clients who are located nearby. Make your Pop-Bys even more productive by tackling them a neighborhood at a time. Referral Maker Mobile will locate customers who live in the targeting neighborhood so you can deliver them more effectively.
• Get work done, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Referral Maker Mobile makes it easy to stay on top of your business, even when you’re offline, with the peace of mind that your data will upload once you’re back online again.
• Know where you stand. Referral Make Mobile features an interactive dashboard to help you stay accountable to your daily, weekly and annual goals.

If you haven’t downloaded Referral Maker Mobile yet, there’s no time like the present. Stay motivated and on task, even when you’re away from your desk with this robust real estate crm. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to download the app today.

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