Harness Your Team’s Productivity with All-New Reports for Referral Maker CRM for Teams

Referral Maker CRM for Teams Reports

Want to make sure your team is on track to reach their goals this year? With Referral Maker® CRM for Teams, you can generate powerful new reports that provide insight into your team’s productivity, transactions and lead progress. No more wondering what your team your team is up to and how many transactions they have in the pipelines. Just open the correct report and get all the information you need, in real time.

3 New Reports at Your Fingertips!
Activity Report: How is your team spending their time each day? Do you have one team member who stands out above the rest? See how they’re spending their time and share their success with the team. If you have a team member who’s not performing as well as everyone else, the report gives you to the opportunity to mentor them through their areas of improvement.

Transaction Report: How many of the team’s transactions are active, pending, closed or not converted? Open this report to find out. Filter the data by category to a more comprehensive view.

Leads Progress: Want to find out if your team member has contacted the lead you assigned him or her? The Lead Progress report tells you the progress of all the leads assigned to your team. You can see when the lead was last contacted and when they’ll be contacted next.

These reports are powerful tools that allow you to harness your team’s productivity so they can achieve success this year. Bring out the best in your team with Referral Maker CRM for Teams! Click here for more information.

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