Go Paperless with these Great Apps

Who needs paper when you have these great apps?


As a real estate agent, you deal with paper documents on a daily basis, and all that paper can build up (not to mention, become a nightmare to track). Luckily there are several apps available for your iPad that allow your clients and others involved in the transaction to securely sign documents on the spot—no paper required. Here are just a few:

SignMyPad by Autriv Inc. allows you to open PDF files on your iPad. View PDF documents from email, the web or the cloud and have them signed. You can then save it to the cloud or send it on. The app allows you to store one signature for free, and up to 19 more for a fee. It also lets you print from your iPad to an AirPrint printer. SignMyPad is $3.99 to download.
SignEasy by Glykka LLC allows you to import a document from your email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or another app to your iPad or iPhone to sign with your finger or a stylus. After you sign, you can email the document on to another recipient or save a copy to Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. The app supports PDF, Word, Excell, Text, Open Office, HTML, Apple Pages, and image files. And for easier access, you can login to the app with your Facebook or Google account. Oh, and even better, it’s free to download.
SIGNificant Signature Capture by xyzmo SIGNificant is an app for Android-powered tablets that allows people to sign digital documents the way they would with a regular pen and paper. In addition to signatures, the app also allows users to enter text on a PDF document, add attachments and bind and encrypt the signature to the document. After the document is signed, it can be saved in the cloud or emailed.

Check out the tutorial here.

DocuSign: As a real estate agent, you’re often the one responsible for ensuring that the appropriate people sign the right documents at the right time. A document that gets lost in the shuffle may lead to a misunderstanding with everyone involved, which may result in a transaction falling through. Make this task a bit easier with the DocuSign Ink mobile app, which allows you to sign, send and store important documents. It’s available for iOS, Windows 8 and Android devices.
These are just a few of the apps available. What apps do you rely on to sign documents on-the-go?
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