Give Your Sellers What They Want



What’s one of the biggest complaints sellers have about their agents? They don’t hear from them enough. For many, it seems as though as soon as the sign goes up in the yard, they don’t hear from their real estate agents until there’s an offer. During the time in-between, seller may wonder if their home has garnered any interest in the market, if the agent’s marketing is effective and how their home is competing against other homes on the market in the area.

A funny thing happens when an agent doesn’t communicate enough with their clients; their clients begin to imagine what’s going on and to assume the worst. They become frustrated because they may hear from their friends or neighbors or the internet that their home should have a certain number of showings and several offers after a few days on the market.

It’s easy to get busy and forget to check in with your sellers. Or, you may feel that if there’s nothing to report, why give them a call? However, checking in with them at least once a week will put their minds at ease, show them you’re doing your best to sell their property and respond to any questions or concerns they have.

What to say to your sellers:
• Report buyer interest. Sellers want to know if buyers are interested in their home. Calling them will prepare them to leave the house for a  few hours for showings and gives you a chance to address what’s normal and manage expectations.

• Reaffirm you’re doing what it takes to sell their home. The first week on the market may be a busy time for new listings. However, after a few weeks, interest may start to slow. If you didn’t have any bites this week, call your sellers to let them know you’re working hard to market their home to the right buyers.

• Give them a market update. Real estate markets are always changing. Homes that would have flown off the market at the same time last year may sit on the market for longer, and vice versa, depending on the market. During your weekly update, let them know what’s going on in the market. This will keep them in the loop and ease their fears and concerns.

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