Get Social with Your Next Client Party


If you’re throwing a client party this holiday season, social media is a great way to get your guests excited about the big day. It even gives those folks who cannot attend a glimpse into service you offer to your best clients. Here are a few ideas to help you utilize social media into your next client party.

Organize an event page on Facebook for your guests. It’s easy to do and it gives your guests a chance to see who’s coming to your party. Post updates leading up to the event with teaser information about the food or any door prizes you may raffle off.

Pin your party décor or recipes for treats that you’re serving to Pinterest. Not only does this provide inspiration to others who are hosting holiday parties, but it also shows what an awesome real estate agent you are to host a party for all of your best clients.

Post pictures of your guests on Facebook, Google+ or Instagram for your guests and their friends to see and share. Be sure to tag your guests and type a clever description of the photo. And, if you worked with local businesses (e.g., rented space at a restaurant, hired a local caterer or baker, etc.), be sure to tag them in the photos as well.

Tweet or post a note of Thanks after the event on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Although a quick post on social media is no replacement for a paper personal note, it does complement the gesture and give the opportunity for an immediate response.

Social media is a great complement to traditional relationship marketing techniques. Make sure your clients can find you on the social network of your choice. Brian Buffini’s Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software makes it easy to connect with your clients online. Simply update the email signature with your social media handles. When you send your monthly eReport, all your clients have to do is click the link to follow you. Visit the Referral Maker website to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

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