Get Social with Your Clients

Get on the phone and invite your clients to a client party.

Get on the phone and invite your clients to a client party.

The sun is shining and the temperatures are heating up—what better time to get social with your clients? Whether you’re planning a summer client party to thank your clients for their business and referrals or just ramping up your posts on social media, it’s clear that now is the time to make contact with your top clients.

3 Strategies to Get Face-to-Face with Your Clients
1. Plan a client party. Client parties are fun way to connect with several of your clients at the same time. Summertime means one thing—barbeques! Invite your top clients over to your home or reserve a space at a local park and supply the meat and meatless options for the grill and all the side dishes (or, encourage your guest to bring their favorite side dish or treat to share). Since people’s schedules fill up at this time of year, start planning your party now, and send out your invites, before your clients are booked.
2. Host a dinner party. If you’re more of an introvert or have a few extra special A+ clients, invite them over for a small dinner party at your home or at a nice restaurant with outdoor seating.
3. Deliver a Pop-By. Get away from your desk for a few hours and deliver seasonal Pop-By gifts to your best clients. Seasonal items include sunscreen, bug spray, beach toys and towels and gardening tools. It doesn’t matter what you buy as long as it comes from the heart. Be sure to use the new Referral Maker® Mobile app to help you plan your route and update your clients’ information while you’re out and about!

3 Strategies to Get Social with Your Clients Online
1. Post valuable information about your local market. Exert your position as THE expert of the local market by posting relevant statistics and other content about your market. Search your local newspaper or other blogging sites for articles, or create your own infographics with statistics you’ve accumulated. Take it to the next level by making a short video of your market update and post it on your timeline, your YouTube channel (if you have one) and on your website.
2. Feature local information and events. Is there a fair or rodeo happening in town? Post the flyer or post a photo from the event. The more involved you are in your local community and show how much you’re “in-the-know,” the more your clients and potential clients will see you as an expert, and trust you to handle their real estate transactions.
3. Interact with your clients. While you should interact with your clients throughout the year, the summer is the perfect time to ramp it up. This means more than “liking” a photo or status; comment on it as well. Take it a step further by posting an article you think they’d like onto their page.

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