Get More of Out of the Referral Maker Marketing System


The Referral Maker Marketing System involves more than sending your Marketing Flyers to your clients on time; it’s a host of other activities intended to help generate leads and build relationships with your clients. The Flyers are intended to get the conversation started by giving you the opportunity to connect with your clients and stay top of mind. Here are a few tips to get more out of the system.

1. Give your clients a call. A quick phone call allows you to make sure your clients received the mailing and check in to see if they need anything. This gives you the prime opportunity to see if there is a need you can meet or value you can give your clients. Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to remember who to call and when. Simply sign in and you’ll see who you should call that day. The algorithm ensures you stay in touch with your clients and call your top clients more often.

2. Follow up with a personal note. A hand-written note may seem like a small gesture, but it speaks volumes. Take a minute or two to write a personal note to a client after you speak with them on the phone or in person or write one “just because.” You’ll show your clients you care.

3. Personalize your Marketing Flyers. Personalization gives your clients quick-access to your information, especially if they choose to share a Marketing Flyer with their family, friends or neighbors. Take it a step further and offer coupons from local businesses on your flyers or information about your latest listing.

Referral Maker CRM makes it fun and easy to manage your business. Print cover letters; track the open rate of your eReports and more! Visit for more information.

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