Get More Done with These Productivity Tips

Are you ready to get more done today?

Are you ready to get more done today?

A successful agent is a productive agent. Although many real estate professionals look busy, many of them aren’t as productive as they should be, instead wasting valuable time and energy during the day. How can you make the best use of your time? Follow these easy tips to help you get more done.

1. Do what you dread first. Maybe you don’t necessarily hate a certain task, but it’s just not your cut of tea. As a result, you probably put it off because you really don’t feel like doing it. Unfortunately, it never gets done. To ensure it gets done and improve your day thereafter, do it first. If calling your clients makes you nervous and you dread it, get it done first thing in the morning. That way it’s off your to-do list and out of your hair. Then you’re free to tackle the tasks you do enjoy.

2. Track your activities. “Oh man, that sounds so boring,” you say. Tracking may not be the most glamourous task; however, nothing else can keep you on course to complete your goals for the day, month and year. Tracking also has the added benefit of giving your perspective about how far you’ve come. On those days when you really can’t focus and you’re in the doldrums, you can see your progress and the tasks you’ve completed and get your motivation back.

3. Take a break. Your productivity suffers when you become unfocused, either because you’re tired or burned out on a task. When you find your mind is a-wandering, take a break. Get outside and go for a walk, meditate for a few minutes or space out. Breaks refresh your energy and your spirit and allow you to tackle a project from a fresh perspective.

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