Get Festive with These Winter Pop-By Ideas


The holidays are upon us, making this the perfect time of year to show your clients that you appreciate them and their referrals. What better way to express your gratitude than with a Pop-By gift, delivered to their home or office, to let them know that they mean a lot to your business? Below are some suggestions that express holiday cheer and gratitude:

1. A mug of hot cocoa. Bring them their favorite warm beverage from the local coffee shop or create a kit with a nice mug and a package of hot cocoa mix.

2. An evergreen wreath. Make the season a bit merrier with a fragrant evergreen wreath for your A+ clients.

3. An ice scraper. In cold climates, an ice scraper is an essential tool to have in the car, and one that you can’t have too many of.

4. Candy and sweet treats. Homemade baked goods, candy and other sweet treats show that you care.

5. A cold/flu season survival kit with Ibuprofen, Emergen-C or other electrolyte mix, tissues and hand sanitizer.

Pop-By gifts show your clients that you care about them and appreciate their referrals. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software will help you keep track of the clients to pop by, utilize downtime and enhance the level of service you offer. Visit the Referral Maker website to learn more and to start your free 30-day trial.

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