Fun Fall Pop-Bys

5 Fall Pop-By Ideas

Get face-to-face with your clients this season! Pop-Bys are small, thoughtful gifts you deliver to your clients to show you care (oh, and remind them you’re never too busy for their referrals). Here are some ideas for this fall:


Fresh apples or pumpkins. Go to the local farmer’s market or u-pick farm and get some harvest-season treats. If you go the apple route, bring a small bag of apples to your favorite clients. If you choose pumpkins, deliver one to your A+ clients. Another option is to bake the items into a yummy sweet treat and deliver it to your clients.

A pumpkin carving kit. Your clients will likely spend time pumpkin picking this season, especially if they have children. Deliver a pumpkin carving kit to your best clients and help them ramp up their design game.

Warm beverages. If your clients love a pumpkin spice latte or coffee beverage, surprise them with it at their home or office. If pumpkin spice isn’t their style, find out what their favorite beverage is and surprise them with it.

Reusable bags or nice baskets for apple picking. You clients can use these items over and over again for storage or shopping.

Candy or treats for clients with kids. Surprise your clients’ children (and become their favorite person) by delivering small bags filled with candy to them.

Fall-themed flowers or plant arrangements. Although many plants and flowers are done blooming for the season, others are just getting started. Visit your local florist to see what’s in season and send arrangements to your best clients. For those with green thumbs, deliver fall-planted bulbs instead.

Remember to use Referral Maker CRM and the Referral Maker App to help you plan your Pop-By route. Also be sure to update the CRM once you’ve delivered your items.

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