Finish the year strong

finish strong

finish strong

For some agents, the fourth quarter signifies a winding down of business. After all, the holiday season and winter months aren’t typically busy times in real estate so these agents coast through the rest of the year, only to start at square one in January. True professionals know this is not the time to hibernate for the winter—instead the final quarter of the year is the perfect time to ask for referrals and fill your pipeline with leads to see you through the beginning of 2018. However, that doesn’t mean you need to forego fun in the process. Since the autumn and upcoming holiday season are the most social times of the year, get social with your clients! Here’s how:

1. Get out of the office. It’s tough to get face-to-face with your clients from behind a desk. Take time to meet with clients for coffee or lunch or get out and deliver Pop-Bys.

2. Make them come to you. A reverse Pop-By encourages clients to stop by your home or office at a certain day and time to pick up a pie, a festive holiday wreath or another seasonal gift.

3. Flex your expertise. While not all of your clients may be in the market to buy or sell at this time, keep offering your expertise and advice, sending your monthly marketing flyers and connecting them with services and tradespeople in your network. Remember, you’re the expert of your market. Show your clients they can rely on you to guide them through the buying and selling process.

Treat the final quarter like a sprint and sign up for the Blitz. The Blitz is designed to help you generate more leads within a shorter period of time so you can achieve your goals this year and set the stage for 2018. Sign up today!

Referral Maker® CRM was developed to make it easy for real estate agents to work by referral. Track your activities, manage your connections and stay organized. Whether you’re participating in the Blitz or going it on your own, Referral Maker will keep you on track.

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