Financial Apps for Small Business

Track your finances from your smartphone with these apps.

Real estate agents, like other independent contractors, are a liberated group of people—liberated from the 9-5 grind, liberated from a stringent schedule and also liberated from a steady paycheck. While your paydays may be larger than those of the average cubicle dweller, they’re also much less regular. Although you may have transactions in the pipeline, you may not be sure when that money will make an appearance in your bank account. And unfortunately, most bill collectors don’t operate on a pay-when-you-can schedule, which makes tracking your expenses an important habit to get into. Luckily, these apps take the guesswork (and headache) out of expense tracking.

Expensify is an app that is perfect for real estate agents. It not only tracks your expenses, it also captures your mileage and time, and allows you to code them as well. If you’re prone to losing receipts or find it difficult to track your expenses, Expensify streamlines this process and makes it easy to track your money. And if you spend most of your money online, the app also allows you to forward your receipts from your online purchases to your account so that you don’t forget to include them in your expense report.

InDinero is a one-stop shop accounting program that tracks your finances, manages your payroll and benefits (if that applies to you) and takes the pain and headaches out of tax season. It pulls pertinent information from your bank and credit card accounts to create easy-to-read charts and graphs that show you where your money goes. It also uses this information to create a financial forecast, and will give you budget suggestions.

Mint keeps all of your personal financial information in one place. Managing your home finances is as important as managing your business ones. Mint allows you to see the balances of all of your accounts in once place, so that you always know how much you have, when deposits or withdrawals are made and when scheduled payments are taken out. And don’t worry; your information is safe and secure.

Replicon is another expense reporting app that makes submitting expense reports and tracking your finances easy. It offers mobile access, real-time reporting and offers help with tax formulas. is a comprehensive expense tracking and reporting program that allows you to take photos of your receipts, tracks your mileage using the GPS in your smartphone and store your tax information—safely—in the cloud. The program links with your bank and credit card accounts so that it can look for possible deductions in your statements. All of the expense tracking is IRS/CRA compliant.

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