Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations

3 ways to go the extra mile for your clients.

3 ways to go the extra mile for your clients.

Exceeding your clients’ expectations is not only a big part of offering great service, it also helps to build trust and deepen the relationship. Here are three ways to go the extra mile:

1. Listen. It seems so simple, but unfortunately, in this day and age, listening is becoming a lost art. Everyone wants to be heard. They want to know that their thoughts and feelings are validated. Unfortunately, many of things that make our lives easier also make it more difficult to concentrate and listen to another person. How many times have you been at a meal with someone and they glanced at their smartphone? Or, when you’re on the phone with someone, how often are you also checking your email or social media. Listening to your clients—giving them your undivided attention—will not only make them feel valued, it’ll also provide insight into ways that you can serve them.

2. Provide value. Today’s buyers and sellers are more informed about the market that clients in the past. They can go online to find properties, learn more about financing, local market statistics and much more. Additionally, popular television shows can give them false expectations of the real estate process. While it may seem like they don’t need a real estate professional, in reality, they need you even more in order understand all of the information at hand. You have an opportunity to stand out from the competition by providing personalized service to help them with their real estate needs. This includes sending them topical information each month and calling to check in with them.

What you provide goes deeper than putting a sign in the yard; it’s all about becoming the trusted advisor to your clients so that they have someone to call before, during and after the transaction has closed.

3. Look for ways to help. A natural extension of the previous suggestions is to find a way to help your clients. When speaking with them, listen for a need to fill. If they’re stressed about an upcoming move, tap into your network and introduce them to a mover that you trust. If they mention that they’re thinking of updating their kitchen, connect them with a contractor in your network. Referring them to professionals that you trust within your network is another way to provide value to your clients.

The relationships you build with your clients are essential to building a thriving business. Referral Maker® real estate CRM can help you build your relationships with the clients in your database. Additionally, the Referral Maker® App makes it easy to access their information when you’re on-the-go. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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