How to Ensure Your Clients Read the eReport

Sending email

The eReport is an important part of the Referral Maker Marketing System. Each month, you send the eReport, which is designed to complement the monthly Marketing Flyer and keep you in the minds of your clients. According to the latest NAR report, email continues to be the preferred method of communication with current, past and potential clients for most agents.* Help your eReport stand out among the other email your clients receive in their inboxes.

1. Consistency is key. When you consistently send your eReport every month, your clients will come to expect it and will open it because they know and trust you. Over time, they may even look forward to it.

2. Write a compelling subject line. While the subject line of the eReport email is already filled in for you in Referral Maker CRM, you can personalize it to make it a call to action for your clients.

3. Show your character. The eReports with topics that are character-oriented are opened as much as two- to three-times more than eReports about real estate-related topics. Sure, your clients want to learn more about the local market, but they also want to learn more about non-market-related topics as well. Your character counts; that’s why your clients refer you!
Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to stay on top of your email marketing, whether it’s sending your eReports or another email campaign you’ve initiated with your clients. See which emails are opened and which ones aren’t, and who’s opening them. Visit to learn more.
*Source: National Association of Realtors, 2017 Member Profile

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