Do You Know Which Clients You Should Spend Your Time With?

Staying in touch with your clients will help you know who to spend the most time with.

Staying in touch with your clients will help you know who to spend the most time with.

When you work by referral, lead generation and relationship building go hand-in-hand. Many agents upload their databases to their CRMs, like Referral Maker® CRM and sort it once, never going back to reprioritize their people as relationships change and evolve. As a result, they may spread themselves too thin as they try to spend a lot of time with everyone. Now, you may say, “I don’t have time to sort my database—I’m far too busy!” the reality is, you’ll be far busier if you don’t take the time to prioritize your relationships, then if you set aside time to do it.

1. Spend time with the clients who refer you the most. Although you should keep in touch with everyone in your database, the clients who refer you the most should receive extra attention from you. Your list of people who refer you most frequently is always changing. Client you initially sorted as “B” clients can easily become A+ clients the more they refer you.

2. Make sure client information is up-to-date. Have your clients gotten married or divorced in the past year? Have they changed jobs or gone into business for themselves? Keeping this information current not only helps you serve your clients better, it also prevents you from making embarrassing mistakes, such as referring to your client’s second wife with his first wife’s name.

3. Streamline your lead generation. The more leads you generate, the more sales you’ll close. To generate leads, you have to know who to target and how likely they are to refer you. Remember, people may be more likely to refer you as they get to know you better, so someone who starts out as a “C” client could become an A client if they refer you two or three times in a year. Sorting your database helps you focus your marketing efforts while ‘touching’ everyone in your database.

Are you using Referral Maker CRM to keep your list of relationships up-to-date? If not, what are you waiting for? Click here to see how Referral Maker CRM can help you serve your clients better, even when you’re on-the-go! Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about Referral Maker Mobile, our updated mobile app for your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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