Did You Hear That? 3 Benefits of Listening

Listening has huge advantages in your business.

Listening has huge advantages in your business.

Are you a good listener? Listening is an important communication tool; one that can make or break your relationships, and if you work by referral, your business. It may sound obvious, but listening has many advantages. Here are a few…

Find out how to serve them better.
When you speak to your clients, listen to what they’re saying and what’s left unsaid. While their words may say one thing, their tone and body language may convey something else entirely. This can tell you if their anxious, frustrated, sad or confused, which will allow you to find ways to allay their fears and frustrations.

Listening also provides insight into their interests and lives so that you can find ways to keep yourself in their thoughts. For example, if their child is going away to college, you can drop off a book to help them cope (or connect them with a contractor so that they can turn the child’s room into a home gym or office).

Open the lines of communication.
Many of us have a problem with half-listening; that is, we’re thinking of rebuttals or clever witticisms while the other person is speaking. Instead of hearing what they’re saying, we’re really tuning them out, much to the irritation and frustration of the other person. If you’ve ever felt like you keep going around in circles during a discussion, chalk it up to half-listening by one or both of the parties involved. Instead, fully engage in the conversation and think before you respond. This will show the other person that you value them and what they’re saying.

Improve your relationships.
Once you gain the reputation as a listener, people will seek you out. Listening is a sign of respect and is important to building trust and lasting relationships. Your relationships are the life blood of your business when you work by referral; listening is a crucial tool to have in your toolbox.

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