Contacts to Referrals: What’s Your Ratio?

Referral Maker makes knowing your numbers easy--it does the math for you.

Referral Maker makes knowing your numbers easy–it does the math for you.

Do you know how many contacts you need to make in order to get one referral? Many agents don’t know their ratio, and then wonder why they’re frustrated or struggling to makes ends meet.

When you work by referral, your business relies upon the recommendations of others. To get referrals, it’s necessary to proactively stay in contact with current, past and prospective clients as well as other relationships you’ve added to the database of your Referral Maker™ real estate CRM. How many people do you need to proactively contact each week or month to get one referral? As a real estate professional, knowing this ratio is vital to your business. It can help you predict the number of closings you’ll make this year as well as help you adjust your progress toward your business goals.

Luckily, Referral Maker™ does the math for you. Once you set your goals, the CRM will formulate how many touches it takes to get a referral and the number of referrals you need in order to close a deal. Referral Maker will formulate the number of calls, notes and Pop-Bys you’ll need to do daily in order to deepen relationships with your best clients and improve your chances of getting a referral from them. Even better, Referral Maker will tell you the people to call so that you don’t have to stare at the list of names in your database and figure out who to contact first.

Knowing your numbers may help you to generate predictable results. By knowing your contacts to referrals ratio and your referral to close ratio you’ll be able to gauge how much business you will need to produce in order to meet the financial goals of your business.

Track Your Numbers with Referral Maker

Referral Maker allows you to track your numbers and calculates your contacts to referrals ratio and your referral to close ratio. Referral Maker is a real estate CRM designed to help you track your numbers, update your database and make it easier for you to Work by Referral. Click here to learn more and to start using Referral Maker CRM today.

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