Conquer Email Once and For All

Use these tips to help you stay on top of your email.

Use these tips to help you stay on top of your email.

Although email is a helpful tool that allows clients and colleagues to get in touch fast, for many people it’s become a compulsion to check and clear one’s inbox as soon as possible. In fact, for some people, email is a source of stress. Email isn’t meant to be a source of stress. Take control of your inbox with these simple tips:

1. Turn off alerts during your productive time. If the box popping up from the corner of your computer screen during your power hour keeps distracting you from the important tasks at hand, turn off the alert. Or, better yet, close out of your email program altogether during your sixty to ninety minute blocks of productivity. Just be sure to let people know that you won’t be responding to email during those chunks of time.

2. Use your filters. Most email programs feature filters to use to organize your inbox. Here are three ways to use them wisely:

o Send newsletters to a separate folder to read when you get time.
o Send emails you’re copied on to a separate folder to address later in the day.
o Send emails from your VIP into a separate folder so that you can answer them first.

3. Make cuts. If you receive newsletters in your inbox that you don’t have time to read or are no longer interested in reading, take a few minutes to unsubscribe from them. Not only will this save you time, it’ll also help you to clean up your inbox.

4. Clean it up. Many of us get into the habit of saving every email that we receive. That’s probably unnecessary. And, most programs allow you to archive your old emails. Instead, use Referral Maker™ real estate CRM to remind you to clean up your inbox once a month or more, and set up your email to auto-archive your old messages.

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