Connect with Your Clients Through Social Media this Holiday Season

We’re entering the most social time of the year, where parties are plentiful and people look forward to spending time with family and friends. It’s also a great time to connect with your clients over social media. Whether you’re a pro with social media or you’ve been too shy to get started, here are some fun ideas to try:

Post pictures of a client party or reverse Pop-By on Facebook and tag your clients. Mix candid shots (where everyone looks good, of course) with posed photos in an album. Your clients and their connections can see you in action doing what you do best—serving your clients! If you worked with a local business (e.g., bought pies from a local bakery or had the party catered by a local catering company) tag them in the photos as well.

If you staged a home for the holidays, take photos of it and post them on Pinterest. One of the best things about Pinterest is scrolling through photo after photo of home décor. When something catches our eyes, we click on the photo to learn more. This is especially true during the holidays—whether we’re on Pinterest to get ideas for our homes or to covet another home’s architecture and décor, lots of eyes are sure to see your posts. Just remember to include information about the listing along with your business phone number and email address so interested potential buyers can get ahold of you.

Post good deeds that your clients are doing over the holiday season, whether it’s spearheading a food drive or running a 5K to raise money for charity. What better way to celebrate the spirit of the season than by highlighting the good cheer that your clients are spreading?
Social media is a fun way to connect with your clients over the festive holiday season. While it shouldn’t replace traditional modes of contact like calls, notes and Pop-Bys, it does complement your efforts. Remember to update your database in Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software with any new information you glean from your clients.

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