Clever Fall Pop-By Ideas

Clever fall pop-by ideas

Get face-to-face with your favorite clients this autumn with a thoughtful Pop-By gift. Pop-Bys are a fun way to connect with your clients and say ‘thanks’ for their business, while helping you stay at the top of their minds. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Just a small, thoughtful gift that allows you to show your clients you care. Here are a few ideas to ring in the season:

• Reusable bags: Everyone has a stack of reusable bags in their homes. They’re great to carry items from the farmers market as well as carry home fresh apples you picked yourself. Turn the bags into a branding opportunity for your business by having some made with your name and logo.
• Candles: The fall is the time when we start to spend more time inside. Make your clients’ homes smell nice with scented candles. Celebrate the season with scents like vanilla, cinnamon or pumpkin spice. If your clients have allergies, or you’re not sure what scents they’d enjoy, give them an unscented candle.
• Microwave popcorn or popcorn kernels: Give your clients a yummy snack of popcorn. It can be enjoyed anywhere and with anyone.
• Pencils, Post-Its, other office supplies: Whether they have kids going back to school or they go through lots of supplies at the office, replenish your clients’ supplies of pencils, pens and/or Post-Its. This is another branding opportunity where you can have these items made with your name and logo.
• Flashlight: Daylight is getting shorter, which means in many areas of the country, it’ll be dark by dinnertime. Help your clients navigate their way in the dark, whether they’re enjoying a post-work stroll through the neighborhood or going to their cars to go home.
• Batteries: Batteries are always handy to give clients. They’re also a good way to remind your clients to test and change the batteries in their smoke detectors. Even though the vast majority of smoke detectors are hard wired into homes these days, they also use batteries for power during outages.

Pop-Bys are just one way to keep in touch with your favorite clients. When you deliver a gift, be sure to attach a Pop-By tag (available in Referral Maker CRM) and your business card. If you drop by and they’re not home, take a snap of your item on their doorstep and text them to let them know it’s there. If it’s a perishable item, call first to see when they’ll be home, just to be on the safe side.

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