Check Out the New Enhancements to Referral Maker® CRM

We've made the Referral Maker  mobile app even better!

We’re always looking for ways to improve your Referral Maker® CRM experience. Referral Maker was designed by agents, for agents to make working by referral a fun and more productive experience. We released several enhancements a few months ago to improve your user experience. Now, we’re excited to launch the next round of enhancements, this time to our mobile app!

You asked; we listened! Last week we released several new enhancements to our mobile app, including:

• Verification to delete a contact. There are times when you want to delete a contact; however, there also times when your finger slips and you accidently delete a contact. Now when you click to delete a contact, a box will pop up requiring you to verify the deletion

• Edit client names within the app. Need to change the spelling of a contact’s name or update it to reflect their new married name? No problem. You can do it all within the app.

 • Edit appointments. Change the time and location of your next appointment in the calendar on the app online and on your phone.

• It’s even easier to complete activities. Phone numbers are now hyperlinked from the Priority Action Center making it even easier to check things off your to-do list.

• Edit your to-dos to reflect what you need to get done each day.

• Know which clients are nearby. We’ve improved the Near Me feature to help you deliver more Pop-Bys to your best clients. As you scroll through the contacts, more pins will populate on the map. You can also adjust your radius to extend your Pop-By power.

• View all of the available numbers for your contact. You can now see the cell, home and office phone numbers of all of your clients.

• See appointment times in a standard 12-hour time format. No more having to figure out what time 1800 hours is.

Click on each image for a larger view.

We also fixed several “bugs” we heard about from our vigilant clients, from error messages received when signing in to improving the functionality of the calendar. We also improved the way you add your goal numbers to the Setup Wizard and Goal screens—you no longer have to type a percentage as a decimal. Instead, just type in a number and it’ll show up as a percentage.


We’ll continue to update Referral Maker CRM and the mobile app to make the experience even better. Check out these enhancements and more at

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