Celebrate Your Success!

You’ve worked hard all year to reach your goals, now it’s time to celebrate! Celebrating your successes is an important part of your business. After all, you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you know that there’s a victory celebration around the corner.

Celebrating your accomplishments makes you want to repeat your success again and again! Celebrations also serve these 3 important functions:
1. They provide encouragement and motivation to succeed.
2. They give you a platform to share your experiences and inspire others.
3. They boost your confidence, especially if you weren’t sure that you would succeed in the first place.

5 Ways to Celebrate!
Your celebration should be in proportion to what you accomplished. Meeting your transactional goals for the year or running a marathon will warrant a bigger celebration than completing your daily activities or eschewing a donut for an apple. Here are some suggestions to celebrate the bigger goals:
1. Take a long weekend trip to your favorite vacation spot.
2. Attend a live concert of your favorite artist or musical group.
3. Have dinner at the upscale restaurant you’ve been dying to try.
4. Go to a spa and get pampered all day.
5. Splurge (within reason) on an item you’ve had your eye on.
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