Build Your Own Real Estate Infographics: Top 3 Free Apps

Wow your clients and colleagues with great infographics that illustrate your statistics.

Well done infographics can make otherwise boring presentations and statistics more palatable to audiences. Since humans are visual, interesting and eye-catching graphics help people understand why certain statistics are important and helps to put them into proper perspective.

Regardless of whether people are currently in the market, buying or selling a home, they have an interest in the state of their local market. Every day, people are inundated with new statistics on the national market, and they may begin to think that the state of the national market reflects that of their local market. As a real estate professional, you know this isn’t the case. While the national market may be in the process of regaining its footing, there are some markets that never stopped thriving while others continue to languish. While national statistics provide a good overview of the overall market and may provide clues of things to come, only local statistics can impact whether or not to buy or sell a home. Thus, knowing your local statistics can give you a powerful advantage over your competition in your market. And putting those statistics into a colorful, impactful infographic will make you nearly unstoppable.

So, you want to make an infographic?
Even if you’re not a designer, there are tools online that can help you create great infographics to educate your clients. is a free program that allows you to illustrate your data by choosing from 30 different chart types. You can easily import data from a variety of spreadsheet programs or use the built-in spreadsheet to input the data directly. The infographics you create are saved to your computer as PNG or PDF files so that you can share them, email them or publish them to your choice of social media networks.

Piktochart offers free and low-cost annual subscription options for users. The free account includes a choice of six themes, more than 500 graphics from the library, Web-quality image resolution and allows you to upload up to 10 images. Paid subscriptions run from $14 to $29 per month and offer subscribers a choice of 110 themes, watermarks, more than 1500 graphics from the image library, high resolution printing and 200 uploaded images. allows users to browse infographics to spark inspiration. With a free account, you can create infographics youself, or upload them for public use in the community. However, if graphic design isn’t your thing, is able to connect you with creative professionals who will create the infographic for you, giving you the final say to approve or veto the design and content. Once it’s designed, it can be shared on for others to see and use.
Upload your infographic to Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software and send it to your clients! Simply add your infographic to a blank email as an image, type an eye-catching subject and select who will receive it. Referral Maker will even track your open rate. For a free 30-day free trial of Referral Maker CRM or for more information, visit the Referral Maker website.



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