How to Build Relationships with Your Clients

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Working by Referral, you have an advantage over your competition who still works transactionally; you have a database of people you enjoy working with to continue to serve after the deal has closed. The key is to continue to build the relationship after the ink is dry. Your goal is to become their go-to real estate professional—their advocate for all things real estate and the person they can trust their family and friends with. If you want to continue to build the relationship, you have to connect with them consistently, provide value and ensure you stay top of mind.

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Clients
1. Listen: In our fast-paced society, many of us don’t truly listen to one another. Instead we’re distracted by our phones and anything else that catches our attention. Listening has become the ultimate sign of respect. When you speak with your clients, ask open-ended questions to get to know them better, then ask the next question to learn more. Then, truly listen to their answers. Note the information you learn in Referral Maker CRM.

2. Find a need and fill it. While you’re listening to your clients, listen for a need to fill, whether it’s a referral to a good roofer or to a good restaurant. Fulfilling a need not only shows you listened to your client, it also shows you care and reinforces your expertise.

3. Find a way to connect them with your network. Similar to the last point, look for ways to connect your clients to someone in your network, including tax professionals, landscapers, etc. You’re the hub of your local area—use your connections to help your clients.

4. Look for common ground. Whether it’s a favorite sports team, hobby, or university, look for things you have in common. You can do this by asking directly or by observing what they wear, the items in their offices or home, stickers on their vehicles, etc. Again, remember to document what you learn in Referral Maker CRM as you get to know them.

5. Stay in touch consistently. Consistency builds trust. It starts with prioritizing and sorting your database. Referral Maker will use the information to create a list of people to connect with each day. Review your dashboard daily to always know what you need to do and who to contact.

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